A delicious, healthy snack that’s way better than eating candy!

A delicious, healthy snack that's way better than eating candy!

I went back and forth over whether or not to post this recipe. Because in all honesty, it’s so simple that it barely qualifies as a recipe. But in the end, I decided that it’s just too good not to share.

I thought everyone had heard of sour patch frozen grapes by now– I’ve been seeing them on Pinterest for years. But my husband took some to work, and he said people were totally thrown by the concept. And my mother-in-law recently visited and said she’d never heard of them either.

So, since it appears there are still people in the world who have never tried this freakishly good healthy treat, allow me to introduce you to my newest snack addiction:

A delicious, healthy snack that's way better than eating candy!

All you’re looking at is a pile of grapes that have been rinsed, tossed in jello mix, and frozen.

That’s it!

But let me tell you– these are GOOD. Like amazing good. Like, I don’t even miss my ice cream and cookies at night kind of good.

A delicious, healthy snack that's way better than eating candy!

Do they taste “just like candy,” as I’ve seen so often claimed on Pinterest?? No. They don’t.

They don’t taste like sour patch kids at all. Rather, they get their name from the different flavors of Jell-O you can use to coat them (similar flavors to sour patch kids candy, and they have a similar granular look).

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredible. They are. In fact, I think these are way BETTER than sour patch kids. I’d categorize their taste as more of like a slushy, which makes these the perfect summer time treat!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do 🙂  PS- if you’re on Weight Watchers, these are ZERO points! Woot!

Sour Patch Frozen Grapes

A delicious, healthy snack that’s way better than eating candy!

prep time: cook time: total time:


  • a bunch of grapes, rinsed
  • sugar-free Jell-O mix (dry)


  1. The amount of Jell-O mix you use in proportion to the amount of grapes you have is pretty much up to you. So far I’ve discovered that I like WAY MORE Jell-O in my grapes that I would have originally guess. Generally, I use about 3 boxes of Jell-O to a bunch of grapes.
  2. Pluck all the grapes from their vine and rinse them in a colander. Transfer the still-damp grapes to a gallon size ziploc bag. Pour the Jell-O mix into the bag, seal and shake until grapes are coated.
  3. Freeze overnight (8-10 hours). Keep frozen.
  4. To make a variety of colors as I have pictures, simply divide grapes into separate bags and add a different flavor Jell-O mix into each bag. Freeze separately and then combine once frozen.
  5. Shaking in a bag is the fastest, easiest, cleanest way to make this recipe. However, if you want the grapes to be as evenly coated as you see pictured: pour Jell-O mix into a bowl, and roll each individual grape in the mix using a toothpick.
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