Our weekly meal plans include 5 homemade dinner recipes and a dessert that are budget-friendly, easy-to-make, and fit into a busy weeknight schedule with a printable grocery list that is also linked to Walmart Grocery Pickup (to make grocery shopping extra easy)!

You can find all of our weekly meal plans here.

It took me a little longer than I had originally planned to get our Week 2 Meal Plan out the door. Mostly because I couldn’t decide on the best format for sharing these recipes with all of you. I wanted to give you something easy and simple, but it still needed to be thorough and comprehensive. And most of all, I wanted to share a meal plan with you each week that I would personally use with my own family.
After a couple of weeks, here’s what I finally came up with.
  • 5 dinner* recipes formatted for printing on 8.5×11 paper for use in a 3-ring binder
  • 1 dessert recipe (we always have a special treat on family night once a week)
  • A printable weekly index page
  • A printable recipe binder cover page
  • Suggestions for side dishes with each recipe
  • All ingredients (including the suggested sides) linked to Walmart Grocery Pickup in a grocery list that you can print as well
  • Everything in ONE printable PDF
*My family ALWAYS eats breakfast for dinner on Sundays. So I’ll always be including one breakfast recipes (we usually eat waffles or pancakes, but I’ll try to shake it up for you guys). Feel free to use this recipe for a fancy Saturday morning breakfast if you’re not into Brinner!
As I said above, I’ll be sure to get ALL of the printables into just one PDF going forward. But this week I made the binder cover and the index page as an afterthought, so I’ve actually got THREE pages for you to print. Here are the links to PDFs for all the prints you’ll need for this week’s meal plan:

Recipe Pages + Grocery List PDF
Index Page PDF
Binder Cover PDF

This week’s meal plan recipes were slightly adapted from the following blogs:


⚡️I’m having some difficulty with the links to the Walmart Grocery Pickup for this post. I’ll work on it and try to get it updated ASAP!

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