A healthy, low calorie, meal that is quick and easy to make any time.

How to microwave a sweet potato. Healthy, quick and easy, low calorie

I’ve always been in decent shape having played football most of my life until finishing my college career a couple of years back. While playing, I tried to eat everything in site to keep my weight up as to play my position well. That being said, by the time I was done playing, I was at a much heavier weight than I wanted to be. I knew I wouldn’t be as active going forward, as I was with football driving me for all those years.

How to microwave a sweet potato. Healthy, quick and easy, low calorie

So, I had to turn to food. I had to completely reevaluate my relationship with food and figure out a way to have some set rules (calories, macros), while at the same time leaving a little room for me to enjoy foods that I love to experience. That’s what I did. I didn’t do a crazy diet or elaborate workout schedule, but studied food in general and how it effects our health. I then took a core group of foods that I loved, that were great for me, and made them staples in my diet.

How to microwave a sweet potato. Healthy, quick and easy, low calorie

One such food as you probably have guessed by now, was the sweet potato. I always loved the taste of sweet potatoes, they’re very filling, low calorie, cheap, and extremely nutritious. So, I started eating them. I would eat them plain, in bowls with shredded chicken, etc. The one problem I encountered, was the time it took to cook them. I had only cooked them as I knew how to which was to bake in tinfoil or boil.

How to microwave a sweet potato. Healthy, quick and easy, low calorie

I was eating a couple of sweet potatoes a week so I knew I had to find a quicker way to make them. After a quick google search, the easy answer was the microwave. I don’t know why I had not thought of it, it seemed so simple. Ever since then, I’ve made my sweet potato quickly in the microwave. It was a game changer for me, and I hope it can be for you too! Enjoy,

Yield: 1 Potato


How to Microwave a Sweet Potato

How to Microwave a Sweet Potato

Prep time: 1 MCook time: 5 MTotal time: 6 M


  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1 paper towel


  1. Poke sweet potato all over with fork
  2. Wrap with damp paper towel
  3. Microwave for 5 minutes
  4. Poke with fork, if there is still any resistance, microwave 30 more seconds at a time, until fork enters smoothly
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