Learn how to make an oven baked sweet potato and enjoy them with butter, salt & pepper, brown sugar, or my very own personal favorite sweet potato toppings (scroll to bottom of post).

This oven baked sweet potato makes a super easy dinner to prepare at home, as well as being super nutritious. Sweet potatoes offer a robust nutritional pedigree as that compared to your standard fare potato. They have WAY less sugar (hard to believe since they are so much sweeter, right?), and overall they dominate standard potatoes in the vitamin and mineral category.

Now, how do you bake these sweet potatoes? Ok, it’s not complicated, but there might be some out there that are first time sweet potatoers. I love mine baked in the oven because they add an extra punch of crispy outside, with soft and silky potato meat. When I’m in a pinch for time, these microwave sweet potatoes are clutch

Baked sweet potato

Two very important tips in baking your sweet potato the right way:

  1. Poke your sweet potatoes with a fork before placing into the oven. This allows steam to escape and prevents a potato from blowing. YES! It could actually happen!
  2. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wrap potatoes in foil. This takes away from the amazing crisp and caramelization that occurs to the sweet potato skin when baking.

Like I said, oven baked sweet potatoes are very simple so I know I’m not blowing minds over here, but just in case you didn’t know how to bake a sweet potato in the oven, now you do!

In the heading I promised I’d detail my favorite sweet potato toppings. Some of you may think I should be institutionalized or maybe criminalized for these toppings I’m about to propose. My all time favorite toppings for sweet potatoes are…….drumroll please……….

  1. blackened, shredded, chicken breast
  2. homemade pimento cheese

The combination of these two ingredients topped on the oven baked sweet potato, or even stuffed into the potato, is exceptional. It has become one of our all time favorite dinners. We simply bake the sweet potato as instructed, make the chicken and pimento cheese, top on the already baked sweet potato, and broil for a few minutes. THIS COMBINATION IS AMAZING. Seriously, give it a try!




Yield: 3 Sweet Potatoes

Author: Keaton

How to Bake a Sweet Potato in the Oven

How to Bake a Sweet Potato in the Oven


  • Sweet Potatoes


  1. Preheat oven to 400ºF
  2. Wash sweet potatoes well
  3. Dry off with paper towel
  4. Poke several times with fork
  5. Bake for 50 minutes
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