This easiest healthy dessert truly could not be easier. 

This dessert will be the easiest healthy dessert you’ll ever make. I know that’s true because you don’t even have to make these. Two words, frozen grapes. I know this seems like a super underwhelming dessert, but our family is addicted. 

Our 5 year old son loves Dude Perfect. They had a recent episode where Tyler Toney gave his top 10 frozen desserts of all time. Frozen grapes made the list and the other members of Dude Perfect strongly opposed. I was team other members of Dude Perfect first. BUT then, we took Tyler’s advice of “not knock[ing] it until you try it”. 


Boy are we glad we did. Our late night bowls of ice cream, cereal, or other sweet treats, have been replaced. There isn’t a dessert out there healthier and easier to put together than this. That being said, I do believe the grape choice is of utmost importance. We are yet to get through all the grape varieties, but our favorite has been the sweet vines candy snaps red seedless grapes that have been at our sams club. We have gone through three, three pound packs of these grapes in a week. 

All you do is put your grapes in the freezer and then, oh wait, that’s it. 

Enjoy this easiest healthy dessert al natural, or if you’d like an even sweeter kick, try our other frozen grape recipe below:

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