Healthy, protein packed, nutritious greek yogurt made at home in your instant pot.

Healthy, protein packed, nutritious greek yogurt made at home in your instant pot for cheap

Our family all loves greek yogurt. We can hardly eat normal yogurt anymore as we find it too sweet and not creamy enough. Not to mention how HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS greek yogurt is for you. It’s protein packed, can be filled with good fat or no fat depending on the milk of your choice, and is pretty low calorie.

Healthy, protein packed, nutritious greek yogurt made at home in your instant pot for cheap
The problem with it all is that it’s SO expensive. When you compare it to the standard yogurt, it sets you back pretty big time. Especially if your family is like mine and can easily, easily go through a large tub in a day. That easily eclipses over $100 a month just for yogurt! Stupid! That being said, I recently swore I’d learn to make that nutritious, creamy yogurt we love so much from our home on the cheap! After SEVERAL futile attempts, I’ve got the process down. YOU CAN’T SKIP STEPS. I promise. I’m a step skipper to see what I can get away with and trust me, I tried with the yogurt and it never came out right. Even when I followed the steps, I had to try several recipes, and tweak them a little bit to get it right where we wanted it. FOLLOW MY STEPS TO A “T” AND YOU’LL HAVE PERFECT, HOMEMADE GREEK YOGURT! Andddddd it will only set you back $0.75 (NC milk is around $1.50 a gallon) as compared to the typical $4 a tub at the store. Enjoy!

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt
Yield: Approximately 32 oz. Greek Yogurt

Prep time: 1 hourCook time: 8 hourTotal time: 9 H


  • 1/2 gallon milk (of your choosing)
  • 3 Tbsp greek yogurt (of your choosing)
  • Food or Candy thermometer
  • Instant pot (with yogurt function)
  • Colander (or if you’re fancy, greek yogurt strainer)
  • Fine, mesh strainer (I bought mesh paint strainers from home depot)


How to cook Instant Pot Greek Yogurt

  1. You’ll see a lot of recipes out there telling you to use your instant pot > yogurt > boil function to get the milk to proper temperature. The milk never got hot enough for me in my instant pot!
  2. Place a pot over the stove  over low-medium heat and pour a tiny bit of water in bottom to help prevent milk from burning.
  3. Pour in half gallon of milk (we’ve used skim to whole spectrum with great results). 
  4. Once warm, turn heat up to medium-high (closer to medium) heat stirring every few minutes
  5. Start measuring temperature once you start to see milk bubble. Once milk reaches 200ºF remove from heat
  6. Turn instant pot onto the yogurt function and place the timer anywhere from 9-15 hours
  7. Let cool down to 110-115ºF stirring occasionally (takes approximately 30-40 minutes)
  8. In separate bowl add a cup of the warm milk to the 3 Tbsp of greek yogurt and stir until combined
  9. Add small bowl to pot and stir until combined
  10. Pour pot contents into the instant pot, place lid on and let sit undisturbed for between 8-14 hours
  11. Place colander in a large bowl or pot it fits into. Place mesh strainer over colander and pour instant pot contents into colander
  12. Place in fridge and let whey (yellowish liquid) separate (this is what makes it greek yogurt) for at least an hour and up to overnight. The longer you leave it, the thicker your yogurt will become!
  13. Then you have greek yogurt! ENJOY!
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